Bad Girls Do It Well

So I post sporadically. This is not good. That is lazy and bad and outrageous and shameful. Too far? Sorry I take my typed self-deprecation very seriously.

Well in the past four months that I have gone without posting, you have continued to check the site. For that I am grateful. But also pissed. You’ve caused my ever expanding ego  to grow. Before you know it I’m going to be really top-heavy with big headedness and I won’t fit into my hats.

Enough rambling. So lets get back to it. I just want to make you proud, Pop.


I love black leather. Not in a weird S&M way, but in a I-wish-I-am-Kate-Moss kind of way. A black leather jacket conveys a sense of confidence and sex appeal. It’s borrowed from the boys and badass. A black leather jacket evokes the feeling of rock and roll and passion and rebellion. Who would Sid Vicious or Kim Gordon be without there tried and true jacket? *Ed. Note: they’d probably be equally as awesome, though not as tough looking. Still internally tough though.

I own a Muubaa Cion Leather Jacket. I love the exaggerated shoulder pads and fitted waist. It adds a distinctly feminine appeal to a very tough design.


ASOS and Black Label Boutique have some really good options, but also make sure to hit up Forever 21 or Zara for some more affordable options.

P.S. Follow me on Instagram (@beckcohen) or Twitter (@messwhocandress). If you want. Which you do, undoubtedly.

2 comments on “Bad Girls Do It Well

  1. I personally prefer brown leather – but maybe just black isn´t my colour. and yesss: you should really blog more often. you ve got a lovely blog :-)

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